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Muslim Marriage Events Birmingham

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Muslim Marriage Events Birmingham

Date: Sunday 25th August 2019

Start Time: 11:30

End Time: 16:30


Event is open to all British Muslim Professionals of any age

NHS & Private Medical Healthcare Professionals, 

Law Professionals, 

Accountants,  Architects,

Engineers, Police Officers

and Teachers etc


 In Stock

Offer Price:

Male Ticket £39.99

Female Ticket £39.99

Mehrams Ticket £30



Tipu Sultan Majestic Dining

43 Alcester Road
B13 8AA

Terms & Conditions of Ticket Sales

  1. There will be no refunds, regardless of whether you found someone compatible or not
  2. If you cannot attend on the day once tickets have been purchased, no refunds will be given
  3. Tickets cannot be forwarded to future events
  4. Once tickets have been issued, they are not allowed to be transferred to friends or family
  5. No one under the age of 18 is allowed at the events, which includes chaperons/mehrams with baby's 
  6. We do not promote or allow men who are looking for 2nd wife  

Please Note

  1. We are now taking card payments over the phone
    (Please call Mo on 07738638325) 


Birmingham Muslim Marriage Events

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Over the years we have held many events and appreciate singles travel nationwide to participate.

However, we are very clear in our advertising literature in regards to the schedule for the day.

We build in a 15 minute window from 11:30am - 11:45am for everyone to arrive and register.

Increasingly, participants are turning up late. This causes disruption to the schedule of the day when time is already limited. This also leads to frustration and and complaints from the vast majority of attendees who do arrive on time and are forced to wait even longer for the event to start.

Going forward please note all attendees must arrive and be registered by 12.00pm as this is the time the event will formally commence.

Anyone arriving after 12.00 will be subject to a £20 penalty charge and maybe refused entry. (no more excuses e.g. traffic, woke up late, shopping)

This may seem harsh. However, it is important for the integrity of our events and for the scheduling to run effectively that everyone arrives on time.



Read all our event FAQs here





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