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For anyone looking to get married, then join our Private Members Service for British Muslim Professionals

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Male 24

British Pakistani


Looking for female: 18-24

West Midlands

Male 28

Senior Financial
Banking Analyst

Looking for female: 22 -29


Female 25



Looking for male: 25 - 32


Female 27



Looking for male: 28 - 33

Muslim Marriage Events

Our Muslim Professionals Marriage Events

UK Muslim Professionals organizes Muslim marriage Events UK to help Muslims who are single and looking to find a perfect match.

Apart from being a foundation stone of a family, marriage is Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Living in the United Kingdom, it is naturally very difficult for a Muslim to find an ideal life partner, which is the reason why we are working tirelessly to help individuals find their spouses through Muslim marriage events.

Read more about how our events work, including event arrangements, dinner and pricing.

Event Arrangements

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